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By madridcompanions, Nov 28 2018 12:37AM

Never wake up one morning and pick up a phone and make a booking with a high class escort unless you have a regular call girl. Hiring an escort will typically involve many things before you get the girl. This is especially for those who have not been at it long enough. The perfect hiring process will include the following.

Pick A Trusted Agency:

You should pick an agency with reviews and opinions on internet, so you can easily verify if they are trustable or not, do your research and avoid disappointments!

Visit Review Sites:

Some sites give escorts reviews. In these sites, locate the girls with the highest number of reviews and seem to match what you want. Go through the reviews carefully because you stand to get a lot of information concerning their services and more. Once you are satisfied with what you are reading, you can follow the link to their website.

Visit An Escort’s Website:

For every agency, the high class escorts will have their websites. When you click on any picture, you will be led to their website. Go to their websites to see their charges and other personal information. Review their website so that when you initiate contact, you will know her rates, rules, and her requirements.

Call The Agency Or Contact The Girl:

If the girl works with an agency, you will have to call the agency for bookings. If she is independent, you will contact her directly for bookings. During the booking, you can express your expectations of the lady. State what services you want and any other specifications like her dressing, conduct, personality, hair color, and so on. Also give the appropriate date, time, and location. Do not forget to state whether it is an incall or an outcall.

Have Her Money Ready And Give It To Her When She Arrives:

When the booking is made and the day and time has arrived, have her money waiting for her in an envelope. Do not try to negotiate or cheat her out of her money by paying less. When the payment is made, you can proceed with the plans for the day.